For the longest time, the garage sound in the UK has remained a bastion for creativity within UK dance music, with a fabulously high amount of parties passsing through and exploring the sound via their own unique avenues. This has of course lead to genre being stretched, squeezed and frankly morphed into something new, something refreshing and something that the UK can be truly proud of within the global music community. Today, we are going to be taking a look at the latest two-tracker from one of the names who has been pushing not only garage but dance music as a whole forward in the UK, with that of course being the one and only Bklava.

Since breaking into the scene, Bklava has been a fantasticly consistent breath of fresh air, working closely with Ministry Of Sound and spreading her own take on UK dance music around the world, with her vocal lead style of composition causing a real stir in every city she touches down in. Being a New Music Friday regular and festival-season mainstay, we were thrilled to see that she had found the time to unleash some new music, delivering two exciting new creations that opitimize her foward thinking approach.

We open our experience up with the dazzling displays of ‘Anywhere With You’, a glittering drift through nostalgic synthetic jitters and shimmering soundscaping, opening up the endorphins and giving us a slice of niceness. This kind of approach is always going to open a few eyes, especially when the flip side of the release then arrives with such a noticable contrast! That contrasting creation is ‘Hide’, a much more breaks influenced sled down unique drum arrangement and rhythmic design, stooped in metallic processing and charming melodic inputs, which hits just as many, if not more euphoria points than the A-side.

You can check out both of these delightful creations via the link below:

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