The last couple of years have undoubtedly been a great time for garage music in general, but not just in the underground sense as we are about to read into. The sound in general has once again become synonymous with summertime, partying and just good vibes in general, which has been achieved through a near perfect balance between heavyweight underground releases and the slow but sure reintroduction of original vocalists into the picture, the vast majority of whom are bringing some refreshing to garage music and once again opening up to mainstream appeal. There is no doubt in our eyes that this is a good thing, as from what we can see, the core underground circle of labels are yet to not benefit from this rapid growth in popularity.

Today we are going to take a look at the latest offering from the one and only Bklava, a Brighton based singer & DJ whose unique vocal tones and intricate DJ / live PA style of performance have made her quite a name for herself in a relatively short space of time. Having made her name as one of the most exciting Patterns residents we have ever seen down here in Brighton, she has gone on to sign numerous deals with the infamous Ministry Of Sound venue and imprint, catapulting her fabulous vocal take on UKG to the forefront of everything happening right now.

Following on from a fantastic run of singles and EPs, she is back with another box of summertime goodness, this time taking the title ‘Autonomy’ and unleashing four fantastic new garage creations, combining sultry vocals with a vast array of production talents. The project kicks off with ‘Close To You’, the first single to be released and a perfect introduction for those who haven’t yet taken in the classic sound of Bklava. Her vocals of course play the lead roll above a stripped back roller of an instrumental, fuelled by emotional harmonics and lively basslines below. Next, the almost Amazonian melodies of ‘Only For Tonight’ combine with funk-like stabs, giving us a much more funky-sounding creation, over which Bklava’s vocals fit perfectly.

Next, ‘Sober’ takes us down a much more typically euphoric route, focussing in primarily on precise voice chops and big room harmonies, before giving the floor over to ‘Leave’. This is the perfect send off, with lifting melodic structures and skippy 2-step rhythms giving Bklava an opportunity to once again explore the softer side of her vocal range. The project overall, is pretty masterful in it’s creation, solidifying Bklava’s position even further as one of the most exciting names in the UK right now. You can check out the full EP via our friends at JunoDownload below:

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