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Bicep blows us away with his latest single: Atlas

Posted 26/3/20 in

There are a few names we hold in seriously high regard when it comes to electronic dance music here at, not because we are a gang of ruthless haters, but purely because putting people on pedestal, more often than not, proves to be detrimental. However, when we are looking names that make us think of genuine dance music genius, there really any many we can think of that hit home as much as Bicep.

With a background in experimental house culture and a constantly shifting soundscape, it’s always incredibly exciting to see what Bicep have been cooking up, with their track ‘Glue’, being one of the most celebrated dance music tracks of the last 10 years, or possibly even longer. Those incredibly catchy melodies and shimmering textures were nothing less than a work of art and were heard by millions around the globe, whilst also being featured on numerous adverts and more. Since then, they have pulled together a string of incredible releases, with the likes of Boiler Room and I-D being on the front line for promotion!

We are absolutely thrilled therefore to see that they are back at it again with yet another killer single. This time around, the track takes the title of ‘Atlas’ and we feel this one may well reach a similar level of global success as his previous creation. When we also see that the legendary Ninja Tune play host to this one, it’s safe to say that we are in for a major treat. The track itself is another masterpiece in sound design, with yet more shimmering harmonics and stunning layers of padded textures of tasty sound design. The most interesting part about this one however, is just however creative they gets with the rhythmic section.

Instead of applying the breaksy routines of ‘Glue’ or the more typical 4×4 drum designs of some of their previous work, he instead pulls together a skippy 2-step pattern, which due it’s scattered structure and open spaces allows the rest of the track to breathe incredibly naturally, giving a floating feeling the whole composition from start to finish. We really do feel they have yet again hit the nail on the head with this one and even if we are destined to spend the summer inside, this is most certainly one we will have on repeat regardless.

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Words: KXVU

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