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Benjamin Bogart – Mineral EP

Posted 8/7/19 in

As The 3000 Network continues to grow and encapsulate different styles and genres of dance music, we are very keen to continue to promote underground bass and house music as much as possible. This is why we are so excited to be presenting you all with this brand new two track selection from Benjamin Bogart, an exciting up and coming producer from Nijmegen, Netherlands.

The first track goes by the name of ‘Mineral’ and is a stripped back bass driven roller, packed with a tonne of techy energy and sharp, precise drum manoeuvres. On the flip side we are gifted another gem in ‘Move’, another glistening offering. This one though more exploring the deeper, melodic side of house music, perfect for the dance.

You can expect to hear these ones floating around a heap of different sets throughout the summer.

Stream/download this track exclusively via The 3000 Network.

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