Beastwang announce ’25 Days of Wang’ project for December

As a whole, the seems to have moved into a garage-crazed place over the last two years or so, with everyone slowly but surely beginning to drift and manouvre towards a more 2-steppy sound in our eyes. This is a fabulous thing as far as we see it, breathing new life into one of the UK’s most popular dance music creations, with label and event projects such as Beastwang supply the creativity and sauce to supply us all with a jolly good time over the winter Holiday period, especially with announcements such as today’s subject matter.

Following on from an outstanding year of music releases, seeing the brand switch almost entirely into the label side of things with the lack of any events being available, Wang Records have announced the launch of 25 Days Of Wang, to coninside with the unveiling of their brand new Discord Server. As a project, it would appear that 25 Days Of Wang will be working as somewhat of an advent calender, supplying the scene with a sumptuous selection of daily free downloads, highlighting the strength and vareity currently available to take in through the Wang Records roster. So far, we can see confirmed downloads on the way from the likes of Kobe JT, MPH, Hans Glader, Tenshu, Burt Cope, Gemi, Yumna Black, Kitson, Killjoy, Tuff Trax and many more.

Nico himself, founder of Beastwang stated that: From what we can tell, the new Discord Server will play host to this vast array of new music, which users are able to join for free to not only recieve these downloads, but also supply users with information about the label, upcoming events and other projects on the way. It’s safe to say that Nico The Beardo and the rest of the team behind the scenes at Beastwang have always been very keen on keeping their brand as varied and multi-facited as they possibly can, hence the inclusion of numerous chats for different gaming adventures and music genres. 

It’s exciting for us to watch creativity in motion of course, with this current lockdown situation providing constant hurdles for the underground music community. You can get involved with the Discord Server below to check out four free downloads that are already available to take in, with more pieces landing every day all the way up until Christmas Day!


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