The family of labels over at YosH HQ have always been doing their best to provide a platform for bubbling new dance music talent, whether that be within bass music through their YosH Pit project or a more UKG-centric sound through the now infamous Garage Shared label. This consistency within which we have seen this fantastic family of labels develop new talent is pretty outstanding and not often spoken about enough in the grand scheme of things, Today we are taking a look at the latest drop from the latter of the mentioned imprints as the team continue to grow, expand and give their fantastic roster a string of exciting release opportunities.

Since the re-anointing of UKG as the real sound of the UK, Garage Shared have been ahead of the game at every twist and turn, with their catalogue now being one of our go-to places to explore for previously unheard garage flavour. Today, we are going to be exploring ‘Can’t Live Without’, a spicy new drop from one of their newer artist additions: Bear Like. It’s a name we have seen in association with the label a fair few times, so we were keen to see where this one would take us.

The track itself is yet another fantastic fusion of nostalgic compositional elements with new school production techniques as we are firstly greeted by a tasty vocal selection, leading us towards a killer drop that is certain to send the ravers into a bit of a tizz. We find ourselves engulfed in bulbous LFO synth warbles and plucked melodic twangs, to give us a dissonant yet delightful take on the new school garage sound. This is definitely a fantastic introduction to Bear Like’s sound for us and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for the future.

The track itself dropped yesterday, so you can check out the official preview below via our good friends over at JunoDownload

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