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Bassline blows worldwide as we premiere the latest from Tigs

Posted 17/10/19 in

As we often discuss here on, the expansion of Bassline and music in general across the global stage is something we find truly fascinating, from the UK faces putting together sellout, global tours and the projects that spring up in the places they visit. The whole evolution of bass music into a worldwide sound phenomenon is truly spectacular, and something we can all be very part to have plaid a significant part in.

Today, we leap across the waters, but for once we aren’t heading westbound to the Americas, as is seemingly common with the rise of Night Bass and similar projects. Instead, we today head down to the southern tip of the world as we check out the latest from Raw Tactics Records, an Australian bass and grime label that have been pushing out some fantastic new music over the past year or so.

We have most certainly noticed an influx of UK DJ’s heading out to Australia over the last 18 months or so, including Bushbaby, Skepsis and Taiki Nulight, to showcase their sound and vibes to a new audience of course, whilst also inspiring a sound revolution. The bass music fever has been caught, which we can see from todays exclusive new Raw Tactics premiere from none other than Melbourne local and label founder: Tigs.

The track itself takes the name of ‘Act Up’, and is a good example of Australia’s welcoming of the bass music bug, as we here a solid display of both old school and new school influences woven smoothly throughout the breadth of the composition. From high end bass warbles, to more grimey, guttural horn stabs. giving the track an immediate sense of texture and direction.

There will always be a place in the dance for recordingsĀ such as this one, which is why we are so excited to bring you an exclusive premiere via the 3000 Blog SoundCloud below:

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Words: KXVU

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