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Bass Ravers – International Don [Out Now] [3000 Blog Premiere]

Posted 15/5/19 in


For the second single in the lead up to the very first edition of our monumental ‘Digitalization’ compilation project, we are very excited to be turning up the volume on this one as we introduce Dryman & MERAK aka Bass Ravers for the team. The roster across The 3000 Network is something we are incredibly proud of, and this track we have here makes a perfect addition to it’s extensive catalogue.

Sound wise, it’s impossible to put the Bass Ravers sound into an individual box, due to their clear influence and combination of multiple different dance music genres, as you will hear across ‘International Don’.
The introduction is laced with almost spooky atmospherics, with impactful drums and vocal samples combining to bring some lively energy, leading towards a monumental drop to say the least. Once the track breaks down, we are greeted with an array of gnarly synthesizer sounds and scattered drum rhythms, combining garage and bassline flavours perfectly before we hear a selection of precisely layered break like drum patterns make their way into the arrangement. If you want to keep the dance entertained, this is definitely one we would recommend.

Bass Ravers – International Don is out this Friday and you can preview/preorder below!

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