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Bass Boy lands a killer project on Night Bass, flying the UK bass flag overseas

Posted 9/9/19 in

It’s always a very pleasing sight to see veterans get their overdue plaudits, and we definitely feel that what we are looking at today is the perfect example of that as we see UK bass legend Bass Boy join forces with the West Coast behemoth: Night Bass. This is another fantastic nod towards Anglo-American bass relations, as we see more and more of our UK brethren cross the waters to get involved with the international scene, drawing ever more attention to our thriving community this side of the ocean.

The main thing we seem to hear people say when discussing the difference between UK bass and the more Americanised Sound is that it tends to be a bit more stripped back, focussing on heavier production techniques such as blistering side chain compression and more fidget-influence bass designs, whereas in the UK a large selection of the original bassline sound takes much more influence from the classic niche style of whacky 4×4 composition.

We feel with this project, Bass Boy has hit the perfect middle ground, being able to showcase both the standalone quality of the UK sound, whilst also taking influences from the more typical ‘Night Bass Sound’, similar to a touring chef incorporating local ingredients into his menus as he moves. This release comes quite in contrast to one of his more recent releases, after the UK veteran has had a run of experimenting with a more pop-infused afro beats sound, both via instagram videos and a very catchy original entitled ‘Ice Cream Man’, the video for which was featured on GRM Daily

The EP consists of four top notch heaters, firstly kicking off with dirty rolling synthesiser warbles of the title track ‘Hollywood’, which first introduces itself with pleasingly spacey opening sequence of pads and audible colour. Next, Bass Boy brings out the UKG influences on ‘So Good’, which ties in sharp production methods with the classic grooves of original garage with fantastic results. Next, ‘Sweet & Sour’ moves back towards the more gritty, dancefloor heavy style of bass design, which is then chased up in style by the bubbling 2-step flavours of ‘Vibesy’ to round everything off in style.

What a way to introduce yourself fully to the US market, showcasing a perfect blend of styles within four tracks of bass mastery. We have attached the EP below for you to check out for yourself:

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Words: KXVU

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