The name Zero has become synonymous with the UK Bass scene and within the last 12 months, Zero has skyrocketed right to the top of the pyramid as far as big names in the scene go. The reason for this has a lot to do with the unmissable and distinctive sound of each of Zero’s productions which all has a certain cohesion while remaining unique with every drop.

In 2019, Zero dropped a single on a brand new imprint, founded by himself, entitled ‘Look At Me Now’, followed swiftly by the infamous ‘Chernobyl’ which turned a lot of new people onto Zero as well as the illusive Barcodes imprint. Signs that things were only going to get bigger and better came in early 2020 when Zero dropped a debut 3-track EP which flew to the top of the Juno Download Charts in less than 12 hours after release.

With the key combination of eye catching artwork, an evident knack for promotion and, of course, good music, it was clear Zero was able begin to expand the Barcodes brand and begin to bring through some artists other than himself to make an appearance on the label. Stepping up to the plate for the first release to not come from Zero himself is the producer and DJ known as Michael Sparks.

Michael Sparks’ crazy sound design and mantra of ‘Make trouble’ made him a perfect candidate to release with Barcodes and the tracks speak for themselves. The 2-track EP featuring tracks ‘Kuju’ and ‘Come Back’ have been two highly anticipated releases for the last year having been heard in mixes such as Zero’s own ‘Numbers’ mix, which was streamed on Deeprot earlier this year. The aggressive bass sound design fits perfectly between the previous Barcodes release and sets the president for what’s to come from the ever-growing brand.

There’s no doubt there is a lot of anticipation for this latest Barcodes drop, and the label and brand has the potential to be huge; having already recruited names such as Notion, Claybrook, Freddie Martin, Deppz and many more eyes and ears will be glued to the Barcodes release schedule to see what’s next for Zero and his brand.

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