It can’t just be us that misses that old school bassline sound right? Over the last half-decade we have seen such a huge influx of nostalgic influence on UK dance music, from organ house being re-revived in a more modern idium to the return of garage music to both the mainstream and the underground. One genre we feel has almost been left out of this revival cycle however is old school niche bassline, full of wobbles and twists and turns. Despite the overarching success of UK bass music in that time period, there hasn’t been a super-succesful revival movement for the original 4×4 sound, which to a lot of people is still an absolute gem of a sound that holds a solid place in their heart.

Myself, I grew up with Birmingham Bassline and Jamie Duggan tapes spinning on the regular, so to see a sweep back into this much more old school influenced sound is very welcome, especially when it comes to us from a label based in bassline’s spiritiual home of Sheffield. We are of course talking about The Wub Club, Forca’s impeccible imprint that handles both dances and delightful release drops, both of which with a seriously high level of consistency. This time around, we see them invite the sounds of the enigmatic Bailey P inside, who delivers a wishlist gift of two orginal niche rollers, perfect for lighting up a dance near you any time soon.

The EP opens up with an absolute belter of a drop as ‘Images’ unleashes everything we were looking for in a bassline banger, combining a blistering array of synthetic madness with high energy rhythmic inertwines and tasty drum processing, all combining into a sumptuous piece of sound design. The high energy feel is continued in ‘Closer’, this time however being assisted by a more potent selection of vocal chops and organ-like chord backdrops, again inspiring movement from start to finish.

You can take a listen to this wicked new Wub Club drop via our friends over a JunoDownload below:

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