It’s always an exciting thing to see UK-based producers exporting their sound across the seas, especially when goliath imprints such as Night Bass are getting involved in showcasing the sound. It’s safe to say that the Night Bass team have some keen eyes on whats going in the UK, with their recent roster starting to include more and more UK-based names, with the likes of MPH, Oppidan, Zero, NuBass, Champion and many more all being featured over the last few months. Today we are going to be taking a quick peak at their latest import, as Brighton & Bristol-based Badger joins the squad for an exciting outing.

Badger is a producer that we feel the world should be keeping close eyes on, with an electrifying approach to newschool production methods, colourful instrumentation and quirky, instantaniously catchy melodies worked throughout near-enough every drop we see from him, the future is looking very bright indeed. The last year has seen him make a real name for himself across numerous different avenues of underground dance music, with his popularity rapidly rising across both UK bass and of course UKG at the same time. This latest drop sees him fuse the two-styles with two absolute wompers, destined to cause some serious damage when it comes to the dances.

We open up with the viscious sounds of ‘Eww’, which as the name suggests, this one packs a pretty mucky punch, utilizing squelching, acidic synthesizers and sharpened melodies, bouncing around atop an array of lethal drum rhythms, with the whole arrangement pulsating constantly. This is definitely one to add to any DJ’s setlist if you are looking to turn up the heart in the middle of a show, closely followed by the sounds of ‘Losing’. This one takes us in a different direction, with a sizzling pack of vocal stabs and colourful tones, giving it a much more metallic feel. Both tracks hold some serious weight, making this a solid addition to the Night Bass Catalogue.

You can check out the release below:

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