There is no doubting that across the fields of bass, garage, grime and D&B, The Wub Club events have become renowned for wicked line ups and incredible atmospheres. For us, the most impressive part of that legacy is being able to transfer the energy and enthusiasm from those events into their more recently established label arm, seeing them put together a pretty outrageous collection of original releases since the start of the first lockdown. We have been watching the label’s progression with keen eyes and have been absolutely loving what we have seen. Today, we are going to take a peek at their latest offering, as they welcoming the traveling sounds of the magnificent Badger into the fold with three tracks of dancefloor-ready goodness.

For those that don’t know about Badger, you must’ve had your heads buried in the sand for the last year. Originally from Brighton but now based in Bristol, this young production heavyweight has been making some serious waves both in the UK and across international waters, securing heavyweight releases with the likes of Night Bass over in LA, alongside some of the most popular British garage labels, including Wang, Four40, Southpoint, 1Forty and more. The consistency he has been working at is pretty outstanding, which bleeds beautifully into this wavy new selection for The Wub Club.

We are in for a carnivorous introduction as the title track ‘Mudblood’ wastes no time announcing itself with a skull-battering array of grizzly synthesizer twists and industrial sounding drum breaks, immediately engaging screwface mode. Following this, we move into ‘Evils’, another scrumptious fusion of flavour, this time linking together rattling, organic sounding drum breaks with crack-house style bass bounces, giving us a really refreshing original. Finally, the sounds of ‘Cold Colours’ give us a wavy finale, focussing on a more UK funky influenced style of rhythmic manoeuvre, topped with pleasing bass slides and an eerie sense of padded atmosphere.

This is another triumph from both Badger & The Wub Club, which you can check out via the link below:  

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