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B2B Audio – A homegrown team

Posted 10/9/18 in

As the bass scene continues to grow and evolve, it’s always exciting to see new projects and partnerships come together, especially when it’s amongst our peers. After returning from touring America, southern based DJ & producer Albzzy has put together a team of bass scene professionals to form his new engineering and press company: B2B Audio.

So far, the faces involved in the project form quite a hefty line up, as Gassed Bristol’s Randall, Southpoint’s KXVU,  LA whizzkid: iamphantvm and bass wizard: Higgo come together to form powerhouse unit, heaped with industry experience and technical know how. As well as this, regular sample packs are in the pipeline from the team, which will be available to purchase and preview through their social media pages. The team have come forward with the capabilities of supplying the following range of services at extremely reasonable prices:




Press Releases & Artist Biographies

Skype Production Sessions

Sample Packs

Promotional Video Content

With impressive turnaround times and a heap of projects already on the go, we recommend you get your sessions booked in as soon as possible.

Follow the project below:




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