As The 3000 Network continues to expand and grow, we find ourselves specifying different parts of the platform for more unique areas of dance music, with the 3000 Deep page slowly but surely becoming a fantastic hub for house & garage. That is exactly why this latest banger from Aspect fitted in so perfectly with our plans.

The new project takes the title track being called ‘Leftie’ and is a solid amalgamation of numerous different uk dance music areas. We are greeted by a combination of minimal breaksy drums with pulsating moogy bass lines, all cascading on top of each other at a high tempo, creating something reminiscent of early DJ Zinc creations. It’s a banger for the summer dances and we couldn’t be happier to be giving it a home.

On the flip, we experience something a tad more minimal as ‘Get Down’ greets us with a fabulous display of old school piano lines, blipping synthesizer pulses and crunchy drum skips, providing a real alternate feel to the A-side without losing any of its potency. The use of heavily reverberated vocal samples and spacey pad textures also help elevate this one to the next level, rounding off a solid two track display!

Stream/download here