As we look to continue our lively start to 2022, we are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming back an absolute heavyweight to the table as Aspect returns to 3000 Deep for another system-melting two-tracker. This serves as the perfect follow up to ‘Leftie’, which premiered on 3000 Deep last year with a fantastic response.


This time around, Aspect takes a fabulous collection of global influences to kick off with an abstract bubbler by the name of ‘Delta’. Right from the jump this one exhales something a little bit different, from the tripletted drum stutters, crunchy percussive sweeps and booming sub textures below, culminating in an extremely original sounding creation.

On the flip to this, we dive into a much more UKG inspired design as the floating pad textures and scattered drum slithers of ‘Are E’ completely switch the flavours around, giving us a groovy 2-stepping masterclass to enjoy.

The future looks very bright for Aspect, who has delivered a real firecracker with this pair of gems!


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