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Armen Hammer links up with SubSound as we bring you the exclusive remix premiere

Posted 28/5/19 in

We love to keep an eye on the new label projects that are emerging around the bass scene, and with so many new faces to keep up with, it’s proving to be quite the task indeed! Today, we are here to take a little look at SubSound, a label project that has been floating around the UK scene for around three years, but are just starting to really pick up some major steeam, locking in some of the most exciting up and coming names on both full releases and remix duty.

Their roster so far includes a long list of names, including the likes of M.O.B and J.Kong on full releases, with a bunch of remixers such as Kaishi, Hestia and more joining the party. Their release structure continues to vary as well, keeping their solid fan base on their toes as they dip between compilations, singles and remix drops.

It’s therefore an exciting time for us to take a look at the label’s latest project, which see’s them bring in the vibrant sounds of Antdadope, who brings the heat with his brand new single entitled ‘Underground’. We are also gifted to the futuristic designs of a second track entitled ‘Make You’, which then leads the way for the remixes to unfurl.

We see guest appearances from M.O.BLowkeyVerreaux, and Marcus Reidy who redesign the track fantastically in a range of different house and garage flavours, before buckling our seatbelts and moving into todays official premiere. We are very excited to be unveiling this fantastic remix from Armen Hammer, who gives the track a lick of paint with some vibrant sound design and hard hitting rhythms, topped up with grizzly synthesis to boot.

This EP in full is a great showcase for what the team at SubSound are capable of putting together, with both the original creations and remixes packing a serious punch.

You can check out our official premiere of the Armen Hammer remix of ‘Underground’ below:

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