As a platform devoted to showcasing the latest and greatest of bass and dance music around the world, it’s very important for us as a writing team to maintain an open ear policy when looking through our review submissions. This is, in our eyes, the best of discovering the new names on the block who are going to cause systems damage down the line, with today’s review being one such find. With the rises of both garage and dubstep being areas of sound we have found ourselves discussing a tonne, we haven’t been as on the ball the futuristic sounds that have been coming out of the halls of funky.

Despite a brief resurrection in 2018/2019, the momentum seems to have somewhat shifted back towards garage again, but that in no way means that there isn’t a tonne of quality being created, just that people are yet to see it for themselves. Today’s highlighted track is a perfect example of that as we explore this explosive new remix from Andy Himself, a Trinidad and Tobago based producer with a highly energetic production style, jam-packed with electronic flair.

Skepta - Man (Gang) [Andy Himself IDGAF Bootleg
Skepta – Man (Gang) [Andy Himself IDGAF Bootleg]
As you can see, he has got to work giving ‘Man’, a classic Skepta original a tasty rework. When remixing projects like this, it is always easy to, shall we say overstep the mark on the creative front, but we feel that Andy Himself has provided us with the perfect amount of balance, taking this classic, alarm like synth tones and reworking them into the leading role within in a skippy, percussion heavy arrangement. With little snippits of the original vocal lining up against gnarly bass designs and a constantly evolving soundscape, this is definitely our cuppa tea to say the least.

We have attached a link to the track below for you all to enjoy and can thoroughly reccomend keeping an eye on Andy Himself moving forward, as we are sure he still has plenty more goodies in the bag! 



Download this track for free here

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