The last two years have firmly reinforced the sense of community coursing through the veins of the underground music scene, with the power of collaboration given its five minutes in the spotlight via the medium of the VA release phenomenon. Rave as a sound continues to be pushed beyond its limits, with artists across the globe creating their own, ever-changing interpretation.

Digging deep into the roots of rave origin is brand new imprint All Colours – originating as a radio show and now evolving into a wide-spanning label fronted by the prolific Ekula. The producer and label boss invites some of the finest rising stars to come aboard. UK artists front the 2-step flavours on the release, with L-Major and Sepia dropping their takes on the sound that’s been rattling through UK clubs for the last two decades. L-Major’s gruelling basslines take centre stage on opening track London Crew, with the vocals coming as an ode to the club scene where the sound originates and continues to thrive. Vintage sounding vocals continue through to Sepia’s addition, Curtains Closed. The producer’s crisp drum work pierces through the whirlwind of old school elements within the track, creating a hypnotising 2-stepper.

All Colours also pays tribute to the resurgence of dub influences in recent club productions – fronted by MUHLA and his TBTDF. The producer blends resonant drones with captivatingly grime-esque energy, emphasising the differences between the genres while still bringing them together seamlessly.


The release also looks into the past with a wave of rave nostalgia, bringing Animal Behaviour founders Ozai and Ms. Roy through the flurry of breakbeats and soaring pads under the title of Gatekeeper. A more overcast energy dominates this addition to the album, as it toys with ominous melodies, with sparse vocal chops fleshing out the remainder of the track. Gatekeeper flows almost seamlessly into one of the album’s finer additions – yet sandwiched in the middle of the track list – Bad Disko Devil’s InfraRed. One for the grown-up dance floor, InfraRed swivels into full blown rave madness through an experimental take on breaks which centres around grime influences and experimental samples looping throughout.


Multidimensional Australian producer Mincy joins the all-star lineup of the release with a monster of a footwork track. The space in Method is Madness is filled with raw energy, jittering percussion and a wild blend of influences. Faster speeds seem to come naturally to the head of Oz label Extra Spicy, demonstrating an edgier evolution to her production style. Continuing the trend of relentless breakbeats is rising star Samurai Breaks. The producer twists malleable jungle into his signature maximalist sound, bringing old school amen breaks into 2022, with a plethora of classic elements leaving the track bursting at the seams. 



Closing track Hustlers and Hardcore brings the energy of the release to a clear peak, with rampant jungle drums pushing forward, and the piercing vocal samples finding their sweet spot in a furious mix of influences. 


While it’s easy to spot the differences in all that’s included within the All Colours compilation, what rings the most true is what brought the tracks together onto this release. Forming a raw energy spanning several years for the UK’s fiercely loyal club scene, with producers pushing the boundaries of music forward into directions never expected before. All Colours have managed to encapsulate all that is magical in our beloved music community – the only way is up for their future.

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All Colours – Breaks, Steps & Bass – Vol. 1 is out now, stream/download here: https://fanlink.to/acva001