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Ali McK & IYZ return home to Articulate for a funky tweak up of a 2018 classic.

Posted 7/6/19 in

What a time we have upon us for UK music, with the explosion of UKG, the resurgence of dubstep, the worldwide expansions of bass and grime, and of course, the fantastic new delvings into the realms of UK Funky, spearheaded by some of the most exciting producers the UK has seen in quite some time.

As a genre we are seeing UK funky expand beyond its original, stripped back foundations, finding it’s feet a lot more with a range of different world music influences from hip hop vocals to grimey melodies and bassline inspired synthesisers.

This track we have below is another perfect example of funky is moving forward, as we sit down to enjoy the latest offering from Articulate Sound, a label we have supported heavily here at threethousand.co.uk. We are very excited to see label founders Ali McK and IYZ return to the fold as they have their brand new belter ‘Kiki Dub’ premiered on the rapidly rising Insert platform.

The track itself is built around a very catchy vocal sample, hailing from Drake’s viral hit ‘In My Feelings’, and before that from ‘Smoking Gun’ by Magnolia Shorty. The vocal is sliced and duplicated in and amongst an array of wavy drum leads, embodying the spirit of carnival with the high energy percussive lines and pulsating sub lines.

You can check out the full track below, and we thoroughly recommend you do: 

Follow Ali McK & IYZ:

SoundCloud [Ali MCK] – SoundCloud [IYZ]

Words: KXVU

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