The last few years have been an interesting collection of phases for the Hastings-based talents of Albzzy, a regular frequenter of our ears over here at The 3000 Network. Watching both his progression and consistency since the launch of the platform has been really exciting and we can safely say that the 2021 run we have seen is without a doubt the most consistent version of Albzzy we have seen so far. It only makes sense therefore for him to team up with one of the South’s kingpin imprints of consistency as he returns to YosH for yet another spicy single drop, showcasing just how much precision now runs through the very heart of his production style.

If you have been keeping up to date with our daily bass scene coverage here in the UK, you will know that we have a lot of love for the way that the team at YosH operate, with FooR’s continued influence and guidance across the bass scene keeping them on their toes with an almost unstoppable run of top quality releases. Albzzy has been one of the regular heads to release with the label, making this an assured welcome return.

As the dances commence their reopening process around the UK, we have noticed a much more intense approach to a lot of bass music production, readying the ravers for the crescendos they have been missing out on for the best part of two years. It’s a theme that Albzzy seems to find it very easy to weave into his creations as ‘Kingpin’ delivers a sumptuous bass lead, fusing both catchy melodic twists with a genuinely cool sounding synth sound for some speaker-busting bliss. The arrangement of the track packs a smooth yet potent punch and shows us once again why Albzzy is so valued by so many of the top labels around the UK bass scene.

You can check out the full single below via our friends over at JunoDownload 

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