We’ve spent a lot of time discussing bass music and the journey’s of different artists from around the UK and beyond over the course of The 3000 Networks extended lifespan, giving us the opportunity to explore communities and partnerships that have stood the test of time. One of those that we find ourselves promoting on a pretty regular basis is of course the super synergy of Hastings based collaborators Albzzy & SK. Since they first found themselves popping onto numerous radars, they have continued to build exciting music together, fusing Albzzy’s bass influenced production style and SK’s more D&B-toaster style of vocal performance with a number of hits to show for it.

This time around the pairing have linked up with both the team over at SPACED, as well as the additional production styles of the super consistent Spence for a wavy new collaboration by the name of ‘Sour’. It’s a pretty powerful match up, with consistency being the order of the day. The catalogue of everyone involved over the last 18 months really does speak for itself and sonically, we feel this is a collaboration that really does make so much sense!

This one sees Albzzy & Spence run riot with a more heavier approach on their bass design, linking together jittering LFO’s and metallic slaps to give the track a party starting feel right from the very off. This feeling is then amplified significantly by the lively flows and cheery vocal approach from SK, who continues to excel in a very niche field. Seeing the combination of all three artists is pretty wondrous and the resulting track is well worth the wait!


You can check out the full track below:

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