Albzzy responds to winning Bass Hive’s ‘One To Watch 2021’ award

We absolutely love the fact that bass music is slowly but surely becoming more and more legitimized, be it through numerous different label platforms becoming more and more professional in their methods, or selections of different press platforms becoming more recognized for the work they do. The next step of course with that would be awards and prizes being distributed by those platforms towards the end of the year, which we have seen our close friends over at Bass Hive put together this year.

The Bass Hive awards were an absolutely roaring success, seeing the scene come together to cast votes on a wide range of awards, including: Bass Bass, UKG & D&B Artists, Best label, newcomer, vocalist, single, EP, underated release and One To Watch 2021. Today we are catching up with the winner of the final award, which is of course Albzzy, a long standing favourite of ours here at The 3000 Network, who constantly seems to be able to keep us updated with fragrant new musical themes and ideas.

We jumped on the line for a quick Q&A with him, discussing his reaction to being nominated and winning the category he was in, alongside his plans for 2021, which you can check out below:

Q: So first of all, congratulations, were you surprised when you found yourself nominated?

A: Thank you very much! I was surprised for sure. It was wicked to be nominated alongside such talented artists who are all ‘ones to watch’ to me! Cloud Division, IFB, Event Horizon, Ryan Gallus and more are all going to smash it in 2021!

Q: Do achievements and awards like this inspire you to do more or are they more of a burden?

A: They absolutely inspire me! The recognition for my work means the world and just pushes me to work even harder. To me the award just confirms I’m on the right track, and I’ve got no plan to slow down!

Q: How much music were you able to get out there in 2020, it seemed as though you were quite busy?

A: I released 14 tracks in 2020! A highlight for me was my ‘Straight 100’s’ EP that dropped back in May on Yosh, but I released loads of other music alongside it in the forms of singles, remixes, bootlegs etc! I also compiled and mixed a compilation album for Yosh which was an incredible project to work on!

Q: 2021, what’s the big plan?

A: This year I’m going all in on my new record label About Last Night Records, and I plan to put out the majority of my music through it, along with a selection of incredible artists and their tracks! I’ve been working on more collaborations than ever, and they’ll all be dropping too!

Q: So finally, what is the next thing we can expect from yourself?

A: Aside from the label and releases, I’m hoping to reschedule my trips to America Austria depending on whats happening over the next few months.

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