So, as 2021 draws towarda a close, we are surprisingly seeing next to no cooldown in regards to artists around the UK bass scene releasing new music. The most exciting thing over the Christmas period for us here at The 3000 Network is being able to finally sit down and work through who has had the most impressive years across numerous different sounds and genres, but with this constant influx of new music, we genuinely aren’t going to know who is going to finish at the top of the pile until the year finally draws to a close.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the latest drop from two of the most consistent out there when it comes to bass music and despite the shift across the UK to a much more garage-sentric sound, these two have continued to impress with a string of stunning UK bass sounding-originals. We are of course talking about the sounds of Albzzy & Digital Koala, a lively pair well known around the UK bass scene for their explosive solo creations and to be honest, top notch consistency. This time around we finally get to see the pair link up for a one off single drop, which is sure to knock a few blocks off in the dance, courtesy of About Last Night Records.

The track itself takes the title ‘Astro’ and delivers a pretty spacey punch, opening with a vibrant display of dizzying atmospheric synthetics and stripped back drum pings, giving us an almost lo-fi take on a more industrial arrangement style. The party then really kicks off come the breakdown as the pair let loose a dazzling display of metallic bass belches and groovy rhythmic switch ups, giving this one a seriously wide range of useage, from the bubbling warm-up sets to the late night, heads-down skankers.

You can check out the full recording via our good friends over at JunoDownload via the link below:

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