As one of our favourite garage imprints to emerge over the last few years, it’s safe to say that we have nothing but respect and admiration for the Garage Shared family, who continue to showcase the best new talent across the full spectrum of UKG music, constantly supplying the general UK fan-base with bangers galore. Today, we are going to exploring yet another one of their own finds as they welcome back the sounds of ADuki, a producer who we should all be keeping a keen eye on if this particular EP is anything to go by. Getting your feet off the ground as a new school garage producer in what is now a very crowded scene is always going to be tough, but the GSDubs team continue to provide the support and leverage that new artists find so incredibly valuable across the board!

For this EP in particular, the best thing for us to take in is the clear progression from a production angle that we can feel from ADuki, who continues to strive to grow and expand his sound, giving this whole selection a very modernized feel, perfect for the dancefloors from start to finish. We also have to say, the almost “White Label” approach that GSDubs bring to these type of releases adds such an old school edge, both in the artwork format and general feel of the projects.

The project itself features three sizzling UKG originals, kicking off with the sounds of the title track ‘Just Vibe’,┬ásuper groovy combination of plucked bass strings and sweeping synth textures, giving the whole track a natural bop, before ‘Get Down’ takes it even more old school feel as stripped back drum scatters take the lead atop bubbling moogy basslines and scattered vocal samples. Finally, ‘You’ works as the perfect finale, leading with rave-ready piano leads and lively sub-skips below, encapsulating a feeling of euphoria across nearly four minutes of fun.

You can check out the full release via our friends over at JunoDownload below:

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