It’s been a hot minute since we took a look at what the team over at CruCast have been cooking up, despite the fact they have very much been killing the game with a powerful & consistent run of top quality releases. Over the next few weeks, they have granted us access to everything they have got on the way, so you can expect to see some very up to date coverage of the leading imprint, covering their upcoming drops and of course diving into depth breaking down the individual tracks in question. To kick things off, we are sliding up the tempo scale from our usual range to discuss two fierce new originals from a very exciting name indeed.

As we have said before, D&B is an area we tend to only touch on when we can’t resist here at The 3000 Network, but this is most certainly one of those times as the monstrous sounds of AC13 are unleashed across two incredible new singles, fusing the melodic sweetness of liquid with some ridiculous bass line action, giving us two rave-ready weapons. This is a link up we absolutely love to see, with AC13 being one of the nicest guys in D&B and CruCast being the Goliath that they are, everything about this as a link up makes sense!


First up, we take a look at the insatiable sounds of ‘Remedy’, a marvellous creation, built for the dance floors and singalong raver crew, with the wonderful vocals of Grace Barton giving this one a fabulously human touch. Her vocals are fused with sizzling synthesizer sweeps and gut-punching drum processing to unleash one of the most delightful arrangements we’ve heard from AC13 yet.


On the flip to this, we hear more vocal action, but this time focussing on a much more neuro lead synth line in ‘Got 2 Go‘, which twists and winds it’s way around a delicious assortment of impactful drum sounds and spacious pad textures, giving a perfect back up to ‘Remedy’ as part of this top quality two-track display.

There is a lot to love about this release and you can stream/download  it via all major platforms now via the embedded link below:


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