One of the quickest growing contingents within the underground music scene, is the Russian bass scene, brands such as Sight By Sight have been helping to put the countries ever growing scene on the map and it is quickly gaining recognition for its wave of established and upcoming producers, specializing in bass genres. Two of these names are Monista and the infamous, Digital Koala.

These 2 exciting producers have linked up with Albzzy, the owner and founder of About Last Night Records and one of the scenes most hard working and consistent producers active in the scene throughout the last 5 years. After linking up with IFB and the MC, SK for the labels debut release at the start of this year, ‘Make Man’, and now he combines with the Russian heavyweights for the labels latest offering.

So, what do you get when you mix two of the scenes most exciting prospects, taking the UK sound and making it their own, with one of the UKs most reliable producers – the Troika EP. In a fascinating post on Digital Koala’s Instagram on release day, Digital Koala explained the deeper meaning behind the EP explaining that the number 3 has a big meaning within Russian folklore hence where the artwork of 3 horses comes from, therefore, when the 3 producers came together for the newly-founded imprints 3rd official release, everything simply fell into place!

The EP itself is a fantastic showcase of the ever evolving bassline sound as the genre continues to expand worldwide. The 3 tracks, ‘The Blacklist’, ‘Dear Air’ and ‘108’ all harness an impeccable sound design, with Albzzy stating the production process of ‘Dead Air’ taking over half a year to complete, paying homage to the extreme high standards Albzzy sets for his imprint.

For here, it will be fascinating to see what direction Albzzy takes his label; it’s clear he wants each and every release to be at a certain standard and to be something more than just a one off single, making every release much more personal and engaging. On the other hand we can’t wait to see the further development of the Russian bass scene, how it grows and what other new and exciting producers it brings with it.

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