It’s always a pleasure to be able to jump into a vibrant box of new school UKG and organ house tools and tricks, with this latest offering from Aaron Jackson providing us some seriously smooth summer flavours. Complete with two
originals and an epic remix, this is one of the funnest projects we’ve had the pleasure of putting together so far this year.

The title track is jam packed with goodness, from melodic organ chord lines to bubbling vocal expressions and potent drum processing, which when smashed together results in a seriously bubbly original. On the flip we dive much more into the UKG realm, welcoming the one and only Soulecta inside for a fantastic rework of ‘With You’, unveiling rave-ready bass manoeuvres and choppy drum switches, injecting a whole new layer of energy.

Finally, we move back into a more tech influenced realm for ‘Giving Up’, which again utilises a smashing vocal display and minimal, acidic bass designs to give us a very refreshing finale, encircled by glittering arpeggios and growling reese bass textures to match. What a collection this is!