From around the UK we are hearing more and more pockets of sound emerging across the electronic music spectrum, especially across the areas surrounding the original dubstep sound, which seems to be on the rise quicker than ever before. Today, we are taking a trip back up the road to Manchester to take a look at one of our favourite labels currently in operation as Manuka Records make a return with yet another system-shattering release for us all to enjoy. The thing we love about Manuka‘s approach is that their releases and drops in general are never typical creations, there’s always something a little bit different, giving them one of the most unique sounding catalogues about.

Today, we see them join forces with two very exciting names to unveil a two tracker jam-packed with original energy and sizzling synthetic designs as Aagentah and Dread MC emerge as a powerful duo. This isn’t a link up we saw coming, but boy are we happy it came together as we jump into two of the most forward thinking rolling originals we have heard in a hot minute.

We begin with a look at ‘Breathing Space’, which from the jump is infused with organic vinyl-dust like soundscaping, giving the entire composition a seriously eerie feel before we even get into the meat of the dish. We are then introduced to a divine display of squelching bass designs and crunchy drums rolling slightly slower than the traditional 140BPM pace, giving the now legendary vocal talents of Dread MC room to explore and maneuver in infinite majesty.

On the flip to this, Aagentah rolls out solo with another creepy creation, this time taking the title ‘Called Upon’, operating at a much enhanced tempo. This one is drippy, with a combination of metallic percussion and haunting, breathy synthesizer designs giving it a real horrorcore feel. Both tracks on this one offer something unique and different, which is why couldn’t resist giving it a full length feature here at The 3000 Network.

You can check out both tracks from the EP below:

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