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A Friday premiere special as we check out Ziad Moukarzel’s latest remix

Posted 13/3/20 in

It’s Friday afternoon and despite a somewhat woeful feeling sweeping the UK in the midst of fearful health news, we are feel somewhat of a duty to keep morale high among the raving community. Even though we have seen numerous festival closures and event cancellations, we intend on continuing our supply of top quality dance music, even if the party continues in isolation, the show goes on as it were!

So, today we are travelling across the world, all the way into Beirut, Lebanon, for a look into a very tasty label by the name of Thawra records. With local producer Etyen in the driving seat, we are diving into the label’s first official release, which boasts originality and class right from the off. In particular, we are going to be honing in our ears to a very exciting remix which features on the EP, which have been given the great pleasure of providing the official premiere for.

The project itself consists entirely of remixes, with the Ziad Moukarzel version being the most exciting addition to the project. If we are honest, this was an entirely new entity to us when it popped up on our radar, but my word is this remix enjoyable. It’s at a level where we feel the term “progressive” is someone of an understatement, as we find ourselves hurling through six and a half minutes of constantly evolving musical landscapes and what a ride it is.

The project begins on a more techno-inspired note, with pulsating kicks and shimmering chords taking the lead roles, before the remix grows and evolves into something completely different. Around two minutes in we are then greeted by grizzling synthesizer explosions and shuffling drum influxes, steadily progressing into a bubbling pot of breaksy goodness and powerful atmospheric pad textures.

What a remix this is, and you can check out our official premiere below: 

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Words: KXVU

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