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A Beast is Unleashed as Sammy Virji’s set from 1Forty Live #1 Drops.

Posted 20/9/18 in

Mr Virji is back at it again bringing his signature charisma and calculated creativity to a weapon of a live set. Starting off the first of what is hoped to be a lengthy series, the bass genie summons a host of samples and BPM switch-ups that defy expectation throughout the just over an hour of run time (The chop-up of ‘Pulse X’ @ 31:38 in particular demonstrates his deftness behind the decks).

With his frequent audience interaction and infectious energy Sammy straddles the line between the ridiculous (the Star Wars tune at 22.09 introduces its drop with an R2D2 sample) and the downright disgusting, of which there are too many examples to timestamp.

If you’re a fan of bass music, skilful mixing or just fancy a rave from your bedroom make sure to check this set out and keep up to date with the series over at 1Forty’s YouTube!

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Words: Jordan Moussavi

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