Our next 3000 Bass drop seeing us return for a pretty monstrous display of dance floor energy. As you can imagine, we are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming back the sounds of A.2.Z, who passes through to bless our catalogue with two sticks of rave-ready dynamite.



A.2.Z - Dip Out / Believe
A.2.Z – Dip Out / Believe


We begin our journey with ‘Dip Out’, a slightly dissonant yet delightful display of dance floor ammunition in action, combining a catchy selection of vocal samples on top of what then becomes a lethal synth-line, causing all sorts of ruckus-inducing situations for ravers worldwide. Check out The 3000 Network Premiere of ‘Dip Out‘ below:

On the flip to this, we then take in ‘Believe’, another synth-heavy box of tricks, utilising sizzling sweeps and vibrant electronic chops to once again send the dance floor into an absolute tizz. We are very excited about both of these originals and cannot wait to see what A.2.Z has on offer for the rest of the year!


Stream/download below: