+98 deliver power Gass The Club EP

As always here at The 3000 Network, we like to make a pretty solid effort to stay in contact with the labels and projects we have worked with before, especially the newer labels that we have worked alongside to help launch their fantastic array of sounds.
Mostly, this is so that we are able to keep up to date with as many areas of the scene as possible, but also, because we simply can’t get enough! Today therefore, we will be taking a look at the second drop from the +98 project, a label who we worked alongside earlier this year who make their return with a fabulous new selection of garage-inspired creations.

Gass The Club EP

As per their first drop, we see them welcome back the sounds of Lost&Found, a UK-born, Berlin-raised producer who clearly takes influences from all over the shop, with his last appearance on the imprint receiving some fantastic support down to the pure versatility of the sounds he pushed out. This time around he unleashes four original corkers with a spicy remix to follow, kicking off with Burial-like vocal sampling and sumptuous sub-textures of the title track ‘Gass The Club‘.

This most certainly sets the mood for the project as a whole, with the nostalgic drum shakes and warbling bass synthesizer motions of ‘Code Red‘ providing us with a bit of throwback flavour, leading comfortably into ‘Love 4‘, a pounding showcase of smooth sub-bass technique and intricate drum expression, combining the delicate with the delicious. This is also where we start to see some remix action as PJ Bridger unveils his classy overhaul, opting for a more old school, LFO style bass line, topped with blipping siren sounds and crunchy percussion. Finally, we enter ‘My Sorrow‘, an emotive bonus track, linking subtle electronic pulses with smooth melodies and an overall melancholic feel to finish off the EP with a dash of finesse.

You can check out the full EP below:

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