Over the last 3 years or so, we have spent the majority of our article time almost obsessing over the expansion and future of UKG music, which has without a doubt become one of the most popular areas of electronic dance music both here in the UK and slowly the globe as well. This has of course meant we have seen a fabulous collection talent make their way onto the forefront of the scene, being a collection of both experienced veterans who have been in the game since day dot, next to a tonne of very exciting newcomers, whose names are being made, even as we speak right now.

So, with our fingers being so close to the pulse, we decided to put together a quick list of some of our most exciting new names in the scene, that we have seen emerging over the last year or so, across some of the most established labels and more underground platforms. Again, this is a list based on personal preference, but there sure are some stormers in there to say the least.


As one of the Garage Shared golden boys of 2021, Deja is a name who we all need to be playing very close attention too moving forward. With a fabulous arsenal of explosive production techniques and smooth melodic ideas, Deja has been able to hit the ground running with an exciting run of releases, perfectly combining modernized electronic ideas with nostalgic motifs, giving us banger after banger each and every time. To be honest, he isn’t even a name for the future, he’s a name for the here and now.


Now, this one may come across a tad biased, as I have been working pretty closely with him for the last few months, but there is no doubt in my mind that Edinburgh’s own Clarcq has one of the most exciting emerging takes on the UKG sound right now. Through his very unique fusion of future-bass like synthetics and colourful soundscapes, then melted together with very wel crafted 2-stepping drums, his purposeful production style is sure to melt dancefloors up and down the land. His latest single ‘Ghost’ is a wicked example of what his sound is all about!

Shunji Fujii

The global expansion of garage music has been such a wonderful thing to witness, having grown up to a very UK-inspired version of the sound, the contant international influxes have been so satisfying to take in from a listeners perspective. Next up therefore, we welcome Shunji Fujii to this list, a Japanese garage producer whose very electronic take on the sound has been super enjoyable to wtiness, combining colourful melodies with extremely fun rhythms, resulting in what we would describe as nothing short of sonic mastery.

DJ Jackum

Formerly and still working under the alias Gru Var, DJ Jackum has been a breath of fresh air to UKG, implimenting his speed-garage-inspired approach into a tonne of releases in a relatively short space of time. With his deeper background sonically, this is such a fun sound to take in, jam-packed with bubbling drum structures, bulbous bassline-influenced low ends and an overall high energy approach. Having released with a large number of labels in a really short space of time, the 2022 is looking very brightom for Mr Jackum indeed.

Laura Alice

Laura Alice is a name that everybody should be familiar with by now, but for those who aren’t, here is why. Since making her debut, she has stormed into many a playlist and label roster, making top quality appearances on the likes of Nuvolve, Garage Shared, Upcycle, Steppers Club, 24hr Garage Girls and more. Her sound is infectious and full of that original UKG flavour, perfect to turning the intensity of a dance up a level. We know forĀ  a fact she has a bag of exciting new originals on the way for the rest of the year, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Kiefer Ian

Now for our final addition to this list, we are diving right into the thick of new school garage flavour as we take a peek at the wonderful sounds of Kiefer Ian. Having come across his sound a few months back, I have been obsessed ever since. His forthcoming drop on Wang Records is a great example as to why that is, as we hear gnarly moog-driven chords chopped together with breaksy drums and shifting landscapes to really up the energy levels. This is a great example of what Kiefer can offer and we can’t wait to see whats on the horizon for him!

What do you think of the list?

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