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5 reasons why you need to keep an eye on Earthnut

Posted 7/8/19 in

Now, right from the jump I want to say this isn’t the type of article I write very often. It’s rare that I can find myself so enthused about a single production outfit and their output over such a short period of time, but I felt I had to make the exception with today’s piece.

We are looking here at Earthnut, a production duo based out of London who have done nothing but impress with everything they have touched over the last twelve months. They were originally brought to my attention by Movement, who if you don’t know, is also one of the most exciting names in the garage revival scene.

Since they have been in my line of sight since then, I am yet to not be blown away by a piece of music they put together, with everything sounding so incredibly fresh and unique at every opportunity. They tend to vibe around the UKG sound, but from more of an old school angle, with a tonne of Horsepower style influences and themes pulsating through the centre of the majority of their work.

I just find it so refreshing that rather than leaping directly to the buzz-zone of UKG production, which right now is big colourful melodies along with crisp, almost bassline style drum patterns with smooth bass structures, they have gone for the roots of the garage-dubstep hybrid period, a time so often under-discussed by both sides of the bridge.

We therefore felt it was right to put together a proper showcase of the duos recent releases, to show you exactly why the Earthnut name and brand is something you need to start taking serious note of. We have therefore collected up five recent releases, which we have listed for you below:

Witchdoctor – From The Inside (Earthnut Remix)

I find it difficult to understand how this remix has remained so underground. For me, the combination of the slightly eerie vocal layers with the choppy drums and pulsating bass tones of the breakdown make for such an interesting overall soundscape, whilst also having the ability to turn any dance to a zoo. Amazing work.

Earthnut – To The Back

This one seems to differ heavily from other Earthnut creations, showcasing a more melodic and soundscaped composition style. I just can’t get enough of the synth work on this one, which seemingly morphs from beginning to end, allowing the twisted drum stutters to play and dance freely, dousing them in colour as they skip around.

Earthnut – Skippi

For me, this one just has everything. It takes a range of different drum influences which seem to continuously grow in stature and rhythmic value, whilst being adorned above by some incredibly cooky instrumentation. I just love how everything seems to just work, despite the fact it seemingly shouldn’t!

Earthnut – With Me

Again this one pays homage to a more lo-fi set of influences, seeing the drums and sub do most of the work, yet provide such a magnificent sense of rhythm and energy. The subtle bleeps, vocal expansions and thinned out pads that lurk amongst the roof of the mix just give this one such a special vibe, it’s infectious.

Earthnut – To The Back

Finally, we couldn’t not mention this most recent adventure from the duo as they link up with the in-form Four40 Records for a stunning new EP, showcasing just how far their production styles can expand. We recommend checking this EP in full when it drops this Friday!

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Words: KXVU


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