5 dubstep Labels to watch in 2021

Having spent the last 4 years reviewing dubstep music for numerous different platforms and also listening to as many new releases, it’s safe to say, that in my eyes at least, we are in what called be described as a secondary golden period for dubstep music, not only in the UK but across the world. Most people associate that initial golden period with the post-Croydon spread of the sub-heavy sound, which then became a UK wide phenomenon, then leading the sound down a much more populist route with numerous EDM influences becoming the mainstays of how the sound was publically perceived.

However, in true underground fashion, the roots of the sound endured and have gone on to proper across the globe, with the more euphoric side of the sound slowly drifting towards it’s relatives in the world of EDM more than anything else. In the wake of that, the vacuum that was opened has birthed a simply fabulous wave of incredible new dubstep music, pushing the boundaries further than ever before, especially in regards to melodic influences and the use of spacial sound design. There is simply no denying that dubstep is back to it’s best when you start to examine the labels on the ground who are really making some incredible things happen.

In light of this, we have decided to assemble a list of some of our favourite labels across 2020, who we believe will have a lot to offer us all in 2021 if they carry on with their incredible runs of form.

Innamind Recordings

When it comes to rebuilding the popularity of a scene as big as dubstep’s has been, the most important thing to represent is consistency. Innamind have been champions of that trait for the last few years with an incredibly consistent run of releases across 2020 in-particular, often finding their sound exploring more Asian influenced melodies and minimal drum designs. Their catalogue is truly exceptional and we can’t wait for what is on the way in 2021:

Encrypted Audio

Again, Encrypted Audio represent the idea of doing things the right way for a long time, will always lead to good results. Their catalogue has been a genuine pleasure to watch grow every week, with the general sound of the label taking a heavy focus on the traditional side of steppers music. Again, if their 2020 run is anything to go by, it is definitely worth keeping a close eye on these guys moving forward!


As both a standalone promotional platform and as a record label at the same time, the FatKidOnFire team have become a seriously important part of dubstep’s infrastructure over the last few years. Their roster has remained incredibly varied and there seems to be no central defining factor to what they choose to release, apart from the fact that every tune slaps on a system. We are keen to see what these guys have in the pipeline, both from the label perspective and a platform as a whole.

White Peach Records

There is no doubting that White Peach are a favourite of ours here at The 3000 Network, having featured on them site numerous times, both for their actions as a platform and their second to none release catalogue. They just seem to be able to do no wrong, with label founder: Zha continuously striving for perfection at every turn. White Peach are no new kids on the block by any means, which is why we know for certain that they are bound to have another killer year!

Infernal Sounds

To finish off this list, we are looking at a label we feel have been slightly underrated over the past year, despite the fact their catalogue has sounded nothing short of incredible. There is always something interesting in an Infernal Sounds release, be it a quirky piece of percussion of an unexpected bass twist, there is always something that catches your ears. For this imprint, 2020 was clearly a year of growth, which is why we are so excited to see what 2021 holds for them!