We have been very much enjoying the consistency and excitement currently surrounding the world of dubstep as the genre continues to re-establish itself as one of the UK’s most popular underground sounds. The sales figures and number of labels we are seeing pushing forward and establishing solid followings is proof of this being the scenario enough and that’s before we jump into the actual levels of quality that so many producers within the scene are now able to achieve from one release to the next.

Today we are going to take a closer peak at the latest drop from the one and only Subaltern records, who have been on an undeniably impressive streak of top notch creations, constantly showcasing both the swampier side of the dubstep sound and of course the more minimal areas as well.  Honestly, take a quick peek over the catalogue throughout the last year or so and you will see just how creative they have been able to become, without moving away from the original core values of the dubstep sound.

Their latest outing is another fantastic testament to this idea as they welcome in the rapidly rising sounds of 3WA, who himself has also been on a pretty spectacular run of releases, exploring a bag of unique themes and never seeming to drop the ball with his creative endeavours. This EP is a wicked example of that forward-thinking production ethic in motion as we kick off with the sounds of a grizzly title track named ‘Master Of Finances’.

This one gives us a monstrous display of gnarly LFO drives and warbling bass textures, before the big drum smashes and spacious processing of ‘Slimy’ arrives for another sumptuous slap. The digital EP then wraps up with ‘Balaclava’, a sub-busting bumper arrangement jam-packed with triplicated drum rhythms and industrial percussive stutters, giving us a smashing finale.

The physical copy of the project also comes complete with a spicy bonus addition in ‘Stalagmite Rain’, which you can check out with the rest of the EP via the SoundCloud link below: 

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