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The 3000 Selection – May 2019

Posted 31/5/19 in

Being a blog at the very forefront of UK Bass music, we thought it’s only right that we bring you a monthly roundup of what we have in heavy rotation over here at 3000 HQ and the tracks we feel are worthy of an extra mention. Presenting May’s instalment of ‘The 3000 Selection’ our guide to the hottest tracks we think you should be paying attention to, all brought to you on a monthly basis courtesy of our very own bass connoisseur Pundit:.

Motez – Steady Motion ft. Kwaye (Taiki Nulight Remix)

Taiki Nulight should be no stranger to any reader by now and if he still is, then this is an amazing track to get you started. Taiki’s remix takes Motez’s ‘Steady Motion’ in a completely different direction, pitching down the vocals and ramping up the energy. A genuinely beautiful crescendo leads into a hard hitting drop that perfectly compliments the build up. I have unashamedly rinsed this song over the last month, and it could well be my favourite track of 2019.

Sharda – Peace & Love

Kiwi Rekords latest offering is another huge ep from Sharda. The title track Peace & Love starts off crisp and bouncy, very much in the style of their other releases. The track quickly begins to build, calming pads make way for stabbing keys and a bouncy drop. The squelching bass synth comes out of nowhere, quickly knocking your head into a rhythmic nod. I forsee many a wheel up of this tune this summer.

Bushbaby – Complicate It

Evil from the start, Bushbaby has gifted us with a beautifully dark & bassy roller. Smooth keys accompany the soothing vocal sample that underpins the track, before a huge neuro drop brutally announces itself into the dance. This is Bushbaby’s first release of 2019, and is most certainly worth the wait.

Mofaux – Make it Go

As the title track for his latest EP, Mofaux was not going to disappoint us with this one. Starting out tense, a repeating synth loop sets the tempo of the track. An eerily reverb’d vocal sample helps build the atmosphere, as the track rises to a delightfully bouncy drop. Very honourable mention to the rest of the EP, including an excellent remix by Negativ, with their deliciously dark breakbeat rework of the track.

Taim – Dreaming Still ft. LØ

On a more chilled vibe than the rest of the list, Taim’s latest EP opens with Dreaming Still, featuring rising star LØ on vocal duties. Her serene voice over Taim’s ethereal pads ties the track together, and continues to serenade you as the percussion kicks in and the energy starts to build. Very fitting of the track, an appropriately restrained bass synth quickly gives way to LØ, and we’re back in another dream-like breakdown. The second drop takes no prisoners however, the previously restrained synth is permitted to flex it’s muscles, raising the energy of the track yet again. Set closer of the Summer!

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