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3000 Digital – Flatemate – Lazarus

Posted 28/8/18 in ,

3000 Digital are back with their 4th release, this time they bring you an irresistible 3 course, bass heavy feast courtesy of French duo Flatmate.

The title track Lazarus sets the scene in a dark and menacing fashion as Flatmate take you on a super sonic journey, blending soulful chord stabs, seriously crunchy low end bass tones and a beat that knocks you clean off your feet. After a proper weighty introduction, the second track in the trio Trident breathes some life into the EP. The intro is a lush mix of echoed guitar stabs and iconic bass house vocal samples. Flatmate definitely flex their melodic muscles on this one.

To roundup the EP, Flatmate present to you Wrong So Right. A celebration of sound, it’s last but certainly not least. Easily the heaviest dance floor killer from the EP, this one is meant for the clubs and clubs alone. The track feels like it’s constantly rising into a crescendo of thumping 4×4 bass weight. Easing off in the breakdowns for a breather before those haunting chords take you right back.

Overall, a very well thought out and put together offering from Flatmate. Stay 3000.

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Words: KXVU


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