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3000 Charted – Nekst

Posted 9/5/19 in

We have been very excited to unveil the latest release from Nekst, a long standing member of the UK Bass scene who has gone quite under-rated if we do say so ourselves. His combination of different musical influences is extremely clear as he combines multiple different elements into his constantly evolving style of production. Based in West Yorkshire, he is most certainly one to keep a keen eye on as we move forward.

Nekst – Flaming Dragon, the first of 2 singles from the forthcoming ‘Digitalization 1.0’ compilation album, is out now on 3000 Digital and you can check it out here:

To help understand his latest involvement in the Digitalization 1.0 compilation, we have asked him to get involved with the site and set out his official top 10 current tracks to spin, showcasing the wide range of influences that he folds into his tracks. You can check out the full selection below:

Phaction – Aviatrix (Ft. Riya)

Shown to me recently by a friend this tracks flow, sound design and the melodic content all really grabbed me. My favourite component is absolutely the large synth pluck playing the main bass line, very juicy, very vintage sounding! It’s like a chunky liquid.

P Money – Shook

I feel like I never hear any sick new Grime these days so when I heard this track from P money, an artist who in my opinion is one of the best and most consistent Grime MC’s I was pretty happy to say the least. Who needs Drill?

Mind Of A Dragon – Wheel Up

The attitude in this guys music is awesome! This tune gets me grooving every time. Hearing he had teamed up with Conducta on Kiwi Records was welcome news and I’ve been jamming this since it came out, wheel up selecta!

Conducta – Vitamin C

This track from the Kiwi Sampler has been in my regular rotation since It came out, conducta’s instantly recognisable production gets me every time, clean cut and juicy as fuck.

Sammy Virgi – Shapes (Oh Will)

I didn’t even know what to think when I first heard this tune, this guys is a nutter. This tune has inspired me a lot in the past few weeks, it’s funky, fast and just a whole lot of fun man, check It out! It’s Virgi innit!

Koan Sound – Prism Pulse –

This track from the recent Album “Polychrome” is a piece of sound design wonder. It really brings me back to their glitch hop origins, and the music that started it all for me. I’ve been listening to the album on repeat but this is definitely my favourite!

Barely Royal X Prima – Escape The Feeling

I’ve been banging this for a good while now, Barely Royal has inspired me a lot over the past two years and this tune is literally a blend of rock/metal and bass music from my point of view, I love everything about it!

PVC – Don’t Watch

This tune had to get a mention, I’ve been playing it since it came out, it just doesn’t get old. PVC is another person who I’ve taken a long of influence from over the past couple of years. This tune is an awesome example of his insane array of amazing sounds, and his wicked sound design.

Fork and Knife – Porsche 928

Fork and Knife does wonders with percussion in his Grime instrumentals and his recent UKG release on Downplay is actually sick! I’ll be playing this out for a good while because it doesn’t get old, that Reese and that snare! Another awesome piece by an awesome producer who you’ll be seeing more and more of, this guy has got sick tunes and plenty of them!

Taiki Nulight – Glitch Dub

For some reason I’ve only just discovered this tune so I’ve been sweating it hard, Taiki Nulight is my favourite producer and this tune is testament to his sound, I could recognise it anywhere! check out his recent album on night bass, awesome tunes!

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