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A new decade means many things. For some it means complete musical reform, for others, it’s the perfect time to crack on with what they were already doing, pushing themselves into a new echelon. Today, we have been lucky enough to catch up with one of the stand out UK multigenre bass labels of the last few years, as we sit down with Vital Techniques, founders of Second To None music. 
As a year, we feel 2020 was great for dance music in so many aspects. For one, it was a year of fusion, of coming together as we saw producers from the full spectrum of dance music both join forces with each other and set sail to explore before undiscovered landscapes of sound.  The hybridization of 140BPM based music and the splitting of UK bass between niche and tech forming two perfect examples of our point.
Straight from the off it seems that 2020 is going to be a serious stand out year for the 140BPM community, primarily those involved with the re-emerging deep dubstep scene, which has seen a colossal resurgence throughout the last 18 months to begin with. We are seeing more and more producers flexing their dungeon-style muscles as every week we are gifted a sack full of incredibly potent new steppers gems. 
As we have said multiple times this year already, we feel 2020 is going to be an incredibly versatile year for underground dance music. We feel that this will be a year of genre expansion, fusing and experimentation. A year in which we will see trends shift dramatically and new genres become born out other genres splitting in two. For this reason, we couldn’t be more excited to see whats on the way.
Within the ever-expanding breadth of UK bass music, CruCast have without a doubt established themselves as one of the scene’s front running projects. They clearly make a conscious effort to keep a consistent run of releases, pulling a perfect blend between new, exciting talent and their well established roster, which consists of some of the scenes most sought after producers and MCs.
It’s no secret that we are massive fans of Strictly Flava, if you were keeping up with our output last year, that shouldn’t be much of a secret to you. With 2019’s nationwide push of garage themes and vibes across the entire breadth of dance music, we honestly feel that labels such as Strictly Flava have played an absolutely essential part in the genre’s reemergence. Last year saw an impeccable string of releases, with next to no space in between them, keeping the UKG scene as refreshed as ever.