2TUF4U deliver a New Year’s Day delight with brand new WEE2 EP

So here we go. A brand new year and a brand new start for so many involved in the UK music scene, an idea that has got all of us over here at camp 3000 super excited for the future. Despite so many things getting in the way of us being able to inhabit dance music’s spiritial home, we saw an undeniably fantastic display from the vast majority of UK underground producers, showcasing once again just how high the talent pool has become.

We have never been more excited for a new year of music, which is why we are kicking this year off with a look at this first day drop from the super consistent 2TUF4U imprint, who welcome WEE2 inside for three tracks of original sounding garage flavour. Just to point out as well, the label also released two other seperate singles which may have gone slightly under the radar, so we do reccomend you check out both of those form Gary Esson & Helen White.

Today however, we are going to be getting into a look at WEE2’s new four tracker, which is a perfect fusion of nostlagic creation themes and colourful futuristic design kicking off with ‘Gone To Long’, a sumptuous bubbler, fusing groovy bass expressions with catchy vocal slices before ‘Lookin Back’ unleashes a fabulous collection of super syncopated rhythmic displays, gittery synthesizer throws and expansive chord progressions throughout. These old school flavours continue in style as we move forward, with the sharpened processing and hard hitting bassline action of ‘Sweet Promises’, again using emotive melodic structures to give us a serious sense of nostalgia, before finally rounding off with ‘Dreamz’, a softened yet potent roller, working with arepeggiating bass notation and high energy 4×4 rhythms to see out the EP in style.

You can check out the full EP previews below via our friends at JunoDownload:

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