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1Forty unleash their latest bass compilation, and it bangs

Posted 29/10/19 in

2019 has been an unusual year for bass music as a whole, as the genre continues to split into more and more micro-communities and genre pools, similar to the expansion D&B has seen over many many years. This isn’t a bad thing at all, as we are all able to reap the benefits of a multitude of new sounds and ideas that spring forth from the splits.

Today however, we are here to take a look at what we would define as a classic bass release as the rapidly rising 1Forty imprint continue their stellar 2019 run with yet another highly talked about compilation drop. Over the last few years we have seen the label excel as bossman Lockt continues to organize and precisely organize a run of multigenre release projects, each one holding it’s own colour, making them instantly recognizable to the casual listener.

We have seen a stronger focus on the individual single releases from the 1Forty camp this year, so to see them return to their flagship release style before the year is out is very enjoyable indeed. They here touch down to focus on the bassier side of things as the bring forward a very exciting array of guests to supply the power.

We kick off the release with a look at ‘Tribal’, formulated by the combined skill sets of both Mikey B and Sketchi. The pair work wonders as the highly melodic twists and turns combine with moody sub drones and organic drum combinations to give us a real dance-ready roller. Next, NuBass emerges with a more techy approach to proceedings, favouring colourful percussive blips and choppy drum designs on ‘the Modulator’, again adding fantastic variation within the first two tracks.

Next, the party livens up further as we here the sounds of Affiliate strip everything back for a gnarly, deeper styled roller, pulling together retro bass melodies and minimal drum thumps to give the project yet another groovy twist. We finish up then with the subby warblings of Tenshu’s ‘Wait’, an original composition that purposely defines the times, as skulking percussive melodies lead the way atop sharpened 4/4 rhythms and darkened vocal samples.

This is one heck of a project, and we have attached it for you to check out below: 

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Words: KXVU

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