As always, the year seems to be coming to a close alongside somewhat of a bang from the vast majority of the different underground dance music labels around the UK. The explosion of bass, garage and breaks across 2021 has shipped in a fresh new fanbase, making the scene in general more exciting than it has ever been. Today, we are going to be taking a look at a label who have a fantastic history of utilizing this hype and attention to generate new school collaborative creations, with a rich catalogue of internally woven collaborative creations, one of which has received numerous nominations as one of this year’s best single releases.

We are of course talking about 1Forty, a fabulous imprint based in Leeds that takes real pride in the expansion and collaborative energy that flows right through yeh heart of UK underground music culture. Headed up by the one and only LockT, the label has seen an exceptional run of releases across garage, grime and bass, with MPH’s initial collaboration with Coco earlier in the year widely being held as 2021’s top garage original. LockT has dipped his wits into the melting pot once again and has invited the sounds of MPH back inside for another exciting collaborative feature, this time seeing Logan join the party for the party-starting sounds of ‘Set Trends’.

This time around, the duo waste no time in getting into this enigmatic roller, with MPH’s luscious sonic backdrop providing a superb introduction, doused in distant saxophone curls and reverberated percussive grooves. The whole party steps up a level once the breakdown hits however as we hear a fully loaded Logan unleash a barrage of vibrant, 2-step inspired vocal flows, flexing his melodic muscles and providing us with a super catchy hook to enjoy. This whole track screams freshness and colourful soundscapes, with the constantly shifting rhythmic arrangements keeping the ravers on their toes from start to finish.

This is a fantastic way to round off the year for the 1Forty team, which you can check out via the JunoDownload link below: 

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