Over the many years we have been active here within The 3000 Network, it’s safe to say that there are a few labels we have always tried to keep a close eye on, because of both their consistency with release campaigns and also out of pure interest, never knowing what the next direction is going to be. Through their various release volumes and expansive roster, there aren’t many labels that keep us on our toes as much as 1Forty, headed up by Lockt, constantly looking to explore new collaborative expansions and interesting link ups.

They haveĀ  always impressed and have gone out of their way again with another wicked selection, returning to the label’s grimey roots with four original 140-weighted belters, exploring the combination of collaborative energies and instrumental flavour that we have all grown to love about the label over the years.

The project begins with a rave-ready anthem, perfect for injecting a serious dosage of energy into any scenario. This comes to us from Hayz, a 1Forty regular, who teams up with Armour & Roachee for ‘Link With Them’. Everything about this track breathes original grimy energy, from the enthusiastic vocal displays to the squelching bass tones of the Hayz instrumental below. Next, Another favourite of ours on the production front in Fork And Knife is back in action. He links up with Jon E Clayface for a sizzling creation by the name of ‘Come Correct’, driven of course by a pulsating instrumental display, over which Clayface is able to deploy a militant display of hard hitting grime lyricism.

Following this, we then dip into a pair of powerful instrumental creations in-keeping with the 140 theme. Hayz returns on ‘Kyoto’ shining form with a colourful flicker through pulsating 808 stabs and Asian-inspired melodic grooves, topped with some saucy square wave action for good measure. Finally, Josef jumps into action with a very gnarly sounds of ‘Shining‘, a much more dubstep inspired creation dripping in dungeon-esc bass slices and an awesome sense of atmospheric design.

The whole project is pretty lethal and you can check it out below:

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