The stellar creations headed by 1Forty have been lighting up our inbox with more gold than ever in 2021, with a string of releases showing off the power of the underground and the impact it has on the dance music community. The four-track wonder taps into the powerful forces of the UK Bass community, bringing together flavours to follow on from the dance floor slammer Ya Fool VIP – the recent standout single from the label bringing some of the fiercest talents in bass music to the pinnacle of ingenuity.



The EP’s opening track feeds into its old-school influences – which we also saw on 1Forty’s previous release – deeply rooted in the Midlands’ musical lovechild, Bassline. The crisp production here transports us back in time to 2008, where tracks like this stood firmly at the epicentre of the country’s dance scene. Duppy Them comes not only as a firm leader of the bunch, but also a rough undercurrent showing off the ricocheting spirit weaving its way through the release.


J69 joins Breeza on a brighter tune, adding a whimsical melody line to elevate rattling synths in the body of the track, with a quivering instrumentation that’s bursting with energy from its opening moments. Gloriously synthetic sounds run amok here, with J69 bringing firm Sheffield flavours to match Breeza’s punching vocals and classic rave elements.

Burt Cope brings us exactly what he does best – punchy drums matched by warped vocal chops and even a hint of breakbeats weaving in and out of his exceptionally unique style. One of the youngest talents in the bass scene, Cope has not wasted any time in crafting production stylings which are unmistakably his own. Cellar comes as an explosion of colour, bringing a long-needed shot of energy into the upcoming summer.



Leaning more on the tech-heavy side of the spectrum is Badger’s contribution to the EP – Pure. While the track focuses on the warbling low-end, it quickly accelerates into a thumping invitation to the bunker-esque sounds the UK scene does so well. Exploring the outer limits of bass, Badger gives us a rewarding listen, with a portrait of an artist reaching his prime.



Bringing a sound that’s innovative yet still so classic, 1Forty have – once again – gone above and beyond in their selections. The chaotic finesse ringing out from each track in their very own way allows them to hang in the balance between vintage and innovative. The newest of genre releases from the label put emphasis back on fun in club music, with infectious grooves ready  to further push the legacy of Bassline.


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